New homes are a better choice for most overseas and out of state buyers especially right now.

With very few new homes being constructed between 2007 and 2013, virtually any resale property will be at least 7 years old. That leaves only 3 years of builder warranty, if you are lucky, and all of the electrics are well past the guarantee expiry.

These resales properties will mostly need some form of upgrade and at the very least a good lick of paint and some new furniture. When you add up these added expenses are in the same financial ball park as buying a new home.

When you can buy a new home for the same price as an old one, doesn’t it make sense to do so?

New homes come with full builders warranties, a choice of upgrades, they are built using the latest building technology plus, most importantly, they meet the most recent building codes.

When buying a new home in Florida, it can be very similar to going to a store. If you see something you like and have the funds, then the home can most certainly become yours.

There are no ‘buyer-seller chains’, so there is no possibility of the property falling through due to someone in the ‘chain’ not being able to complete their contracts. New homes are sold by builders who the land – home – community. There are no chains and ultimately if you like it you can buy it.

The other upside to buying a new home in Florida is that, if for some reason the completed home you have seen is purchased, the builder can always build you another one on a different lot. You may have to wait a few months longer, but you are still getting what you want.