2015 has seen prices, inventory and new resorts for Orlando vacation homes change in all manner of ways. New resorts hitting the market are fewer than in 2014, however we are seeing a number of phase 2 and Phase 3 opportunities appearing.

Prices have continued to increase along with the amount of bedrooms now being offered by the developers. Several years ago clients were buying 6 & 7 bedrooms vacation homes, but now we are seeing an increase in the number of 8 to 13 bedroom properties being sold.

Reunion Resort is enjoying sales of these McMansions probably more-so than anyone else, with management companies offering concierge services to high-end owners and guests. Elsewhere Championsgate, Providence and Solterra have continued to be in high demand by overseas buyers and investors looking for large multi-bedroom options.

With many Orlando vacation homes enjoying occupancies in the 38-40 week area, we are also seeing many established owners revisiting us with a view to purchase a 2nd or 3rd vacation rental property. The influx of South American tourists, especially from Brazil has made a huge difference to the rental market, as many of these families travel in large groups, multiple times each year.

With the Middle Eastern market about to expand thanks to new direct flights, starting in September, we envisage occupancies remaining very strong, along with increased rental incomes which can nonly be great news for Orlando vacation home owners.