Most new homes do get shown by realtors for various reasons; the most common being that they do not understand how the new home market actually works.

Realtors are not officially trained how to offer, let alone sell new homes. The general consensus by many ‘traditional realtors’ is that the  information about new homes is not readily available and finding current pricing, the best offers from builders and other relevant details, simply takes too long. They also want to close on a home as soon as possible so they can get paid.

These misconceptions can vastly minimize you choice as a home buyer. Realtors do not realize that by selling an inventory home, one that is already completed, that the home can close almost immediately. With no chains entering into the equation, this the fastest way for anyone to buy a home.

The reality of the new home market place has changed immensely in recent years and current information about new homes for sale is readily available for buyers and realtors at

If you are not getting to see what is actually available to buy, then you are not being represented to the best of your realtors abilities.