Have you ever wondered how investors always get the best prices on new homes? Well, the answer is actually very simple. 

Investors who specialize in buying new homes work with realtors who specialize in new home sales. These realtors are in constant contact with all of the builders and developers in their given area and receive regular updates about new home communities which are scheduled for launch but are not yet officially released.

The realtor will inspect the information and send it to clients whose criteria matches. And here is the biggest difference for all parties involved. The investor will have funds available to purchase immediately.

This means that:

  • Builders are able to ‘Pre-sell’ properties prior to an official launch
  • Specialist realtors always get the information before anyone else
  • The investor gets to cherry-pick their preferred units at the best possible prices.

As you can see, it is not rocket-science or luck. Investors who have a solid relationship with specialist realtors gain immediate access to new homes well in advance of mainstream buyers.

Newbuild.us is a website designed for realtors who specialize in new home sales. They get access to developments and communities as soon as information is made available by developers, which allows them to get the best deals for their clients.